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While mental health experts say there are various causal factors that trigger relapses in persons-in-recovery, from personal habits to the psychosomatic, there a is general consensus that the social stigma associated with mental illness is a formidable, prohibitive factor against social re-integration as well as in re-employment.

We believe that persons-in-recovery are healthy and productive members of society, and can be accepted and embraced by the communities they live and work in, especially their families. This is the only effective way to help our fellow human beings permanently break out of the vicious cycle.

Program Outline

The program (workshop) will be an experiential learning event to help families understand the nature about and dispel the myths that surround mental illness. The aim is to build support and activism toward eradicating the social stigma commonly placed on former mental patients, and to enable participants to speak up in support of former mental patients – as ambassadors.

The workshop will employ learning tools including appropriate games, role-play, simulation, focus-group discussions, and educational video clips. Participants will experience first-hand accounts and testimonies from mental health experts and former mental patients, and will actively engage one another during our learning journey.

This is a unique experience well worth attending. The trainer is a serious professional who has taken time off his busy schedule to contribute to the community.

This informal session is from 7.00pm to 9.00pm.

Do arrive around fifteen minutes early to place your orders for dinner/refreshments, and to mingle with the speakers and fellow early-birds!

** Registration Fee is S$25/-**

To maximise participants' enjoyment, kindly:-

- Bring sufficient writing material for purpose of learning

- Relax before taking your seat

- Be your curious self, and enjoy!

For further clarifications or queries, feel free to contact Yuna @ or Thomas @ 9145-0753.

“It take a whole village to raise a child."

-- African Proverb

About James TAN

James Tan is an experienced Corporate Trainer & Facilitator who had worked extensively with both local and international clients in operational as well as Learning & Development projects. Recently, James successfully engaged some 30 international participants from Johnson & Johnson (Asia Pacific), on Change Management & Business Compliance. where he received accolades about how he had thoroughly understood their business and their cultures, and how he had brought value to the issue of managing & embracing changes in their increasingly globalised business environment.

James's experience & training expertise spans across a wide range of governmental as well as corporate organisations, engaging and inspiring people of diverse backgrounds and varying age groups – from the young to mature audience in both local and overseas environments. His training portfolio encompasses Leadership & Management, Change Management, Managing Teams, Work-place Communication & Social-Emotional Learning. His key strength lies in his ability to connect with and to engage participants on his feet, whatever the circumstances. His interactions have always been lively and stimulating, and he always garners positive feedback from people he comes into contact with.

James started his career with the Republic of Singapore Air Force as a commissioned Weapon Systems Officer, where he spent over 15 years training & nurturing specialists & officers both in professional skills as well as Leadership, Management, Learning & Development & Interpersonal skills. During his illustrious career, he had had the opportunity to organise, lead & motivate top-performing teams to represent Singapore in professional exchange with governmental, military & civilian partners from Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Canada as well as the USA.

As a trainer & facilitator, James Tan is an eloquent and empathetic communicator who is adept at making friends and influencing people across different segments of any organization. As a people person, James is well regarded by his employers and his peers alike. He is focused and objective, yet open and respectful of people who may hold diverse views and opinions. His vast experience with a wide range of organizations has helped him understand & navigate the intricacies of different organizational cultures towards achieving their desired goals.

Thu Jul 14, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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261 Waterloo Street 04-03 Waterloo Centre
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261 Waterloo Street 04-03 Waterloo Centre Singapore
Take MRT Circle (Yellow) Line to Bras Basah MRT, use Exit E. Waterloo Centre is 3 minutes' walk away. Proceed to Classroom at #04-03.
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